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Network Design and Implementation

Whether it is a Network for 5 users or 2000 users, SAP systems network specialist has the expertise to do it right the first time. We can help design the optimum balance between flexibility and vulnerability; between meeting the operational needs and protecting them; and between cost and results.

Extensive planning is undertaken to determine future needs and to address current issues. The network infrastructure must be flexible enough to respond to unanticipated change, durable enough to resist disaster and attack, and large enough to support the capacity needs of the network services. However, these needs should be balanced with budgetary concerns, and should not drive a needlessly complex system into an otherwise simple environment.

In first phase, our network specialist will discuss your network needs, expectations and future expansions. This helps the direction to take to design network which is as per your needs and a diagram and documentation of your proposed network infrastructure is prepared. Any anticipated changes, concerns are discussed and a final network diagram with documentation is prepared. This includes technologies involved, physical Wiring routes, networking hardware locations, switching, remote access, internet access technologies, data flow etc.

If designs meets your present requirements and future expansion scope, SAP Systems can implemented the network in part or in whole. SAP Systems can procure equipment, configure it and document the configuration. Among other components,SAP Systems may make recommendations regarding:

  • Servers: File, Print, Application, Fax, Email/Groupware, Web, Gateway, Remote Access, Imaging, Removable Media, e-Business, and Management Servers, as well as servers in support of advanced application services (Server Farms, n-tier designs).
  • Workstations: Memory, Hard Drive, CPU, thin client, wireless, etc.
  • Routers: Mounting hardware and rack equipment, Firewalls, NAT, VPN Hosts.
  • Wiring: Hubs, Switches, Punch down blocks, Architectural cabling.
  • Management System: Systems management, console, server, SNMP.
  • UPS/Power Management: Batteries, Generators.
  • Communication Lines and Internet Connection: DSU/CSU, Routing, Provisioning, Installation, ISP.
  • Network Printers: Cables, Consumables, Interfaces, Print Server.
  • Application Software, Operating System, Backup, Antivirus, Management, Browser, Office Suite, Fax Software, Database Software.
  • Installation Services, Cable Installation, Training, Follow up services, Disaster Recovery.

By choosing SAP Systems as your network design and implementation partner, you are choosing an organization with the expertise to understand, design, implement and support your networking infrastructure requirements of today and future.